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le 11 avril 1985

It appears that I have the good fortune to announce that in around six months, Germain will have a sibling. Noelle and I are extremely excited about this addition to our family, as is Germain about being an older brother.

Luckily, we'll still be able to attend Boden's wedding this July. I suppose I have no choice but to attend since I'm in the wedding party. It should be an interesting affair to say the least, especially with Dreu planning a few events for the groom. Hopefully he'll still be able to make his own wedding. I think Michelle might have Dreu's head otherwise and if that's that case, I can't have my pregnant wife observing such bloodshed. Who knows how that might affect the baby?

After all, Germain has turned out absolutely charming. It's hard to believe that he's already two years old. Life passes so fast!

le 18 septembre 1983

My son is eight and a half months old. Sometimes I still can't believe it. Come January, Noelle and I will have a one year old to deal with. He is a good baby for the most part, but I don't think either of us would really argue with more sleep. (I'm certain that Genny and Bastien are thinking the same thing with their own two month old.)

I'm afraid I'm becoming one of those parents who can talk of nothing but their own child.

Other things to think about, hm? Well, two months until my birthday and seven months until Noelle's. (If I write it often enough I'm certain to remember it) A month until my anniversary...

M. Delacour has been in France for the past week, so things at work have been relatively quiet, I must say. When he returns, I know we'll be busy trying to get things back in order, but I look forward to that actually. I prefer busyness to idle time in the office.

Well, what do you know, I managed to talk about something other than Germain.

le 2 janvier 1983

I apologise if Noelle and missed speaking to someone at the Ministry Ball. I'm afraid we were in a bit of a rush to get to St. Mungo's. Apparently, Germain just would not wait for his due date.

Noelle and Germain are doing well. Visitors are certainly welcome, so long as mother and child are still awake. I can't guarantee that they will be, but that's a risk you take when visiting a hospital, isn't it? Flowers and balloons are appreciated if you really feel led.

I'm sure we'll make the family rounds soon enough.

le 10 juillet 1982

My lovely wife is finally letting me make our big announcement. Keeping it secret for so many weeks was excruciatingly difficult, but it does make the actual announcement more enjoyable.

Noelle and I are now expecting our first child. Come January, the Montague family tree will have one more to add to it's number.

And a beautiful day to you and yours.

le 24 juin 1982

PrivéCollapse )

I could be wrong, but it seemed to be a very lovely day in England today. I almost feel traitorous just saying that.

16 avril 1982

Next time I forget my lunch, I'll spend my lunch hour at home. I'm not sure how I managed to avoid the Ministry cafeteria so long, but I'm certainly glad that I did. What a frightening venture.

Tonight, as I understand it, however, dinner for all of those in the French office and their respective spouses will be at M Delacour's home. Quite impressive in my opinion, to have all of your employees for dinner on a weeknight, but perhaps he is merely bringing work home with him. Hopefully it won't be too boring for those innocent spouses brought along.

Speaking of possibly torturing the innocent, Patrice has been too quiet lately. As is Dreu. I'm not sure this bodes well.

10 janvier 1982

It always seems strange after the rush of the holidays how suddenly calm everything gets. For nearly a month there's shopping to be done, robes to find, parties to plan and attend and then, nothing. It's very strange, but very relaxing.

Epiphany was a great success, mostly due to Noelle. We were pleased so many attended and even more amused that Bastien received the lucky piece of gateau. I'm sure Genny was pleased as well to treat him like a king for a day. I almost wish that I had planned it that way.

I'm not quite sure what to do with myself now that there aren't balls every week. Perhaps I'll just have to drown myself in work. M Delacour does seem to need me.

le 7 novembre

Noelle and I have been home in England from our honeymoon for a short while now. I was rather relieved to see that this country has calmed down considerably since I left for the wedding. I'd hate to think I was bringing Noelle back to a war zone in a foreign country. Instead, we've been able to settle in to our new home quite comfortably. I hesitate to say visitors are welcome, since that means we are bound for house guests.

I had lunch with Mlle Baddock yesterday. It was fairly enjoyable and she caught me up on all that I had missed within the office while away. Good to know I was missed.

25 octobre 1981

Less than a week left in Greece for Noelle and I. It's a truly beautiful country, especially some of the islands, but I think we'll have to come back when it's warm enough to truly enjoy the beaches. Even with that, we've managed to keep ourselves entertained.

I'm assuming the British Ministry and the French office is holding its own without me, as I only received a congratulatory bottle of champagne from M. Delacour waiting on us in our suite and haven't heard a word since. Not that I'm complaining. I doubt Noelle wants our honeymoon interrupted with talk of work, etc.

We'll be back soon enough for those that are sincerely missing our company. Too soon though, I think.

20 September 1981

Congratulations are in order, I suppose, for Aurelien and Gina. Imagine, just a short time ago we were all at their wedding and now there's a baby on the way. I'm sure the Morin family is thoroughly pleased, including the expected one's aunt Genevieve.

Speaking of weddings, my own is less than a month away. It seems time has indeed flown by. I do hope Aurelien will be able to take a break from his husbandly duties to serve as my best man. Otherwise, I will be in quite a bind and I'd expect that Aurelien will have to deal with Noelle's wrath and no one wants that. I've heard brides are a force to be reckoned with.

M. Delacour could not be more pleased with me. Noelle, darling, we're expected to join the Ambassador and his wife for dinner this week, in case I forgot to mention it. Things with France and England are running smoothly for the first time in hundreds of years. Not perfect of course, with the turmoil that England is experiencing, but at least we are no longer quibbling over lands as in the past.

And in case anyone was wondering, the French Riviera is still as lovely as ever.